Romantic Winter Weddings Byron Bay

Winter Weddings Byron Bay

Choosing a dramatic location such as one of the many dreamlike spots along Byron’s beautiful beaches and the right time of year are key points for an unforgettable wedding, to be a story remembered forever. Yet, when memories start to fade away, having wonderful photos to keep alive the details and the full charm of your special day is essential.

The new normal of isolation, uncertainty and inconvenience due to the Covid 19 pandemic upset our daily lives and plans for the future. Couples have to reconsider how to plan and postpone their wedding date and with so many couples in the same position


My advice is to consider a Winter Wedding!

There is something magical in winter light, soft, without high contrasts and romantic that allows very artistic, velvety images … mild temperature and less rain fall than the summer.

Winter days are shorter and daylight doesn’t last long. I recommend planning the ceremony time in the middle hours, could even start at noon, to take full advantage of the daylight, in particular for the couple’s portraits and group photos.

Byron is less busy in winter with less people on the beaches, so you can enjoy walking along the water’s edge or around by the rocks at Wategos feeling the sand between your toes.


What makes winter sun different?

The path of the sun across the sky differs from season to season. Summer days are longer, with the sun traveling higher across the sky. By contrast, winter days are much shorter with sun travelling much lower across the sky. This means that the sun shines from the side giving you flattering shadows. The sunrises and sunsets will linger longer without that harsh summer sun.

Getting married in winter is very romantic and the atmosphere is intimate and unique. I always consider myself lucky when I’m asked to photograph a winter Photography Byron Bay

I hope these tips help you plan an awesome stress free day to get you in the mood for one of the best days of your lives!

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