Tips To Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding Day

So your wedding day is approaching, you have been planning the details of your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. From table setting, flowers to the band – you’ve got it covered, right?

But how about the actual wedding day?

Getting ready on your wedding day is also going to take some organizing? And I want to share some tips with you to start your day off right. It’s going to be one busy day you want to enjoy and have time up your sleeve in case of the unexpected. Here are some tips to make your day fun and stress free, enjoy the total journey.

Prepare some tunes.

Setting the mood with a great playlist, whether you want to jam out to your favourite Spotify tunes. Or what about your mixtape of you and your partner’s go-to songs, or maybe you just want to start the party early with dance party tunes.


“What are you going to eat that day?” You will have so much going on and sometime food is the last thing you feel like. But I can guarantee you the day will fly by and you’ll suddenly be feeling super light-headed right around 3pm when you realize you haven’t eaten anything yet and just been sipping on bubbles.

Platter are a good choice with food that is easy to pick up and eat without much need for utensils or plates. Keep it simple, bagels, fruits, nuts, pastries, etc.

You’ll need to wear something comfortable

You definitely know what you’re wearing on your wedding day, but how about before the gown or suit goes on. When you’re getting your hair or makeup done, you’re not going to be in your dress. So what should you wear?

Well, first, wear something that you can easily take on and off WITHOUT going over your head. Robes and button-down shirts work REALLY well for this.

For the Bride to be, swap your regular bra for something soft that won’t leave dark lines on your skin. The last thing you want are strap marks!

Choose a spot with natural lighting.

Photographer, hair stylist or makeup artist can do incredible things but if you want to make their job easier to give yourself the best opportunity for amazing hair, makeup and photos – Make sure your room has plenty of windows and white walls. Front on natural lighting can create the perfect shadowless studio like scene. The less clutter the better, a bright room is a happy room.

Space to spread out

Depending on where you’re getting ready, it’s important to remember that your hair and makeup team may need to re-create a “salon” atmosphere in order to do their thing.

Make sure you have plenty of chairs – low-back chairs or bar stools for hair and makeup.

Several tables or benches, make sure there’s a nice working surface just for your hair and makeup team and be aware of the nearest power outlet. Remember set up work make up chairs facing towards the window light but in direct sunlight.

Finally, mirrors. Full-length mirrors are the best and many hotels have these if you call the Front Desk or ask them in advance. These are key in getting ready on your wedding day and will help with the natural lighting in the room since they reflect light.

Have your special accessories organized

The last tip is to help your photography and videography teams. Make sure to have all of your accessories gathered together for them to capture first up. Things like your dress, veil, garter, jewellery, rings, accessories, hair pieces are all key things that you will want to document. Even your perfume, invitations, bouquet and any other personal items ready to be photographed and filmed. It makes for great memories all the small details are what makes your wedding so special.

I hope these tips help you plan an awesome stress free day to get you in the mood for one of the best days of your lives!

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