How to prepare for a Beach Wedding

Planning a beach wedding, there’s nothing more romantic than the sounds of the surf, salt-tinged air as you say your vows, but there’s much to consider. The scenery of the ocean and golden sands creates a stunning backdrop especially at sunset. If you’re looking to cash in on this natural beauty to create a stunning picturesque wedding keep reading our top tips to make sure you have every aspect covered.

  • Some beaches have different rules and regulations and some Councils or National Parks require payment and prior booking. Double check that you have ticked all the boxes.
  • Mother Nature is unpredictable, always have plan B. Rain and wind is not uncommon along our beautiful coast lines. Hire a Marquee on standby and always have an indoor ceremony option.
  • There are more distractions – ocean can be noisy, chirping birds, low flying seagulls and passers-by who love to watch a wedding. Make sure to use a microphone with a high volume so that everyone can hear. Double check there is power available for speakers and sound equipment. Always good to chat with your Celebrant.
  • If there’s no hard ground flooring to walk on then it’s shoes off – you’ll have to set up an area for guests to place their shoes. Cane baskets work well and have that beachy feel. As sweet it is to feel the sand between your toes, it’s an uneven surface so watch out with your elderly guests. Good idea to let your guests know they’ll be enjoying a barefoot ceremony!
  • In summer beaches can be hot. A few umbrellas and chairs will be muchly appreciated especially for Grandma and guests who have travelled from abroad from a cold winter.

Remember that so many elements are out of your control so it’s important to go with the flow and be happy to switch things around and change to plan B. With all that said if you’re organized you’ll be able to make these changes and enjoy your beautiful wedding day.

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