Elopement Locations – Byron Bay

Choose your dream location

When you elope, you can literally get married anywhere. I live in Byron Bay I think it’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet with gorgeous friendly people. There are many locations in the Byron Shire. Iconic surf beaches, rolling lush hinterland with stunning vistas and a foodie scene to delight your taste buds.

Location and season is super important and will create the mood. Byron Bay has a sub-tropical climate with moderate temperature all year round it makes a great wedding destination. Summers have the sea breeze and winter have gorgeous sunny days.

Find a date

With Beautiful weather all year round you can choose a date that has meaning to you both. Maybe your current anniversary. It doesn’t have to be a weekend. Mid-week elopements usually mean more privacy if you decide to get married in a public area.

You can combine your elopement and your honeymoon in same location. Maybe choosing a beautiful secluded homestead in the hinterland or stay near the beach and have fun wandering all the quaint streets and laneways of Byron Bay village.

Small guest list

You can use your location as a way to narrow down the list – Small weddings are celebrations usually stripped of the stress and grandeur of a traditional wedding for the sake of sharing an authentic experience with your closest friends and family.


Make sure you hire a Photographer to document your day. This is especially important for elopements because it allows you to share the moment with friends and family who could not be there. Plus, you and your spouse are making a massive commitment, and it deserves a little pomp and circumstance. Treat yourself.


Choosing a celebrant that’s right for you is important, not only from a legal standpoint, but they are your guide throughout the ceremony. So make sure you really connect and feel super comfortable.

Tick all the boxes

It’s important to check all the terms and conditions and ensuring your dream location is suitable for your ceremony and after party. Especially properties in the hinterland where there are noise restrictions due to the impact on surrounding neighbours.

There are different rules and regulations. Some areas are controlled by Council and other areas by National Parks and Wildlife Service which can require payment and prior booking. Double check that you have ticked all the boxes.

While it’s important to take these points into consideration, it’s also a good idea not to over complicate it. Planning an elopement should be a fun and exciting experience. You know the saying, it’s not the destination that’s important but the journey along the way.

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